1 Hour 

reiki sessions 

4 Hour

reiki classes and attunements

1 Hour $145.00

4 Hour package: $500.00

A regular session lasts between 60 and 70 minutes and is conducted either on a Reiki table or a chair with the client fully clothed. Reiki flows through the hands of the practitioner who either places his hands on or slightly over the client. Some of the most common effects during a Reiki session are a deep state of relaxation and general feeling of well being both physical and emotional. 

*Fernando kindly requests a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If that is not possible, 50% of the full session will be charged. Thank you for your understanding. 

**Session packages are valid for three months after the first session and are only valid for one person. 

Reiki Level I

What is Reiki​
The History of Usui Reiki
Learning the Five Reiki Principals
Hand Placements for Self-Healing and for Healing Others
Chakras and Reiki 
Reiki Level 1 Attunement
Hands on practice 
A Certificate of Completion 

USD $250.00

Reiki Level II

Review of the Five Reiki Principles 

Explanation of the Reiki symbols 

Learning to draw and use the Reiki Symbols
The techniques of Reiki Distant Healing 
Reiki Level II Attunement 
Practice and exercises 
A Certificate of Completion  

USD $275.00

Reiki level III 

Reiki Level I and II certification are a prerequisite as well as a personal interview that will include a review of Reiki knowledge and experience.

Advanced Reiki Techniques
Master Symbol and Attunement
Practice Giving Reiki Attunement
Practice Healing Techniques with Other Participants​
A Certificate of Master Level Completion 

USD $600.00


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